Investment projects

Industry classification
Declared area (m2)
Investment capacity, mln rubles
Conditions of investor participation
Electricity supply (m)
Water-supply (m)
Gas-supplying (m)
Sewage system (m)
Name Location of the project Industry classification Investment capacity, mln rubles Declared area (m2)
Construction of the plant for the manufacture of metal products Kavkazskiy district Manufacturing industry 225.53 21202.00
Construction of the «Ice Palace» Anapa city Social sphere 161.80 66375.00
Construction of a shopping and entertainment complex Anapa city Consumer sphere 633.40 53624.00
Glass factory Tihoretskiy district Manufacturing industry 800.00 20000.00
The construction of the dairy farm for 250 heads and shop for milk processing Krylovsky district Agriculture 68.00 60000.00
Construction of the greenhouse complex Krimskiy district Agriculture 191.42 100000.00
Plant for the production of corrugated cardboard and packaging Pavlovskiy district Manufacturing industry 60.03 50000.00
Cultivation and processing of fruits Pavlovskiy district Agriculture 410.65 1138000.00
The resort-sports complex "Gorodok MLM" Temrukskiy district Resort complex 957.83 91179.00
Construction of a factory on manuf'actureo f containerf rom the golfered cardboard Kalininskiy district Building 1271.02 45000.00
Creation of a logistics center Labinskiy district Consumer sphere 326.89 50000.00
Construction of a livestock farm Yeisk district Agriculture 258.37 100000.00
Construction of the greenhouse complex in p. Symonivka Yeisk district Agriculture 101.13 35000.00
The construction of a boarding house with 180 seats Yeisk district Resort complex 104.31 36400.00
The placement of camping in St. Kamyshevatskaya Yeisk district Resort complex 81.74 20000.00
Shop construction on production of materials for packing of production of agriculture and the food industry Yeisk district Manufacturing industry 53.02 3500.00
Greenhouse construction Yeisk district Agriculture 62.52 20000.00
Construction of hothouse complex for agricultural crops growing Starominskiy district Agriculture 142.70 44000.00
Building of comfortable recreation, fishing and hunting centre Kalininskiy district Resort complex 111.45 139001.00
Construction of logistic complex Starominskiy district Consumer sphere 910.10 47155.00
Construction of enterprise specialized in deep processing grain crops Starominskiy district Agriculture 7041.40 25000.00
Construction company for the manufacture of furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 91.60 17900.00
Construction of plants producing shop equipment Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 85.52 10860.00
Construction of plants producing office furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 93.00 17930.00
Construction company for the production of exclusive furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 87.77 11310.00
Construction of the enterprise on manufacturing of furniture and equipment for kitchens, dining rooms Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 83.98 13490.00
Construction of the enterprise on manufacturing of upholstered furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 102.90 13000.00
Construction of the complex for the primary processing and wholesale and retail sale of agricultural products Armavir City Manufacturing industry 700.00 82000.00
Construction of the plant for the production of concrete blocks Labinskiy district Manufacturing industry 229.72 20000.00
Construction of a artificial stone Labinskiy district Building 91.91 10000.00