Investment projects

Industry classification
Declared area (m2)
Investment capacity, mln rubles
Conditions of investor participation
Electricity supply (m)
Water-supply (m)
Gas-supplying (m)
Sewage system (m)
Name Location of the project Industry classification Investment capacity, mln rubles Declared area (m2)
Construction of a logistics center Gulkevichskiy district Consumer sphere 387.97 94718.00
Greenhouse complex Korenovskiy district Agriculture 163.50 134000.00
Construction of an enterprise for the extraction of sapropel and its processing into humus Novopokrovskiy district Manufacturing industry 52.02 150000.00
Construction of a rabbit farm Novopokrovskiy district Agriculture 118.23 10000.00
Placement of a hothouse complex Kushchevskiy district Agriculture 17221.29 977463.00
Construction company for the manufacture of furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 91.60 17900.00
Construction of plants producing shop equipment Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 85.52 10860.00
Construction company for the production of exclusive furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 87.77 11310.00
Construction of the enterprise on manufacturing of furniture and equipment for kitchens, dining rooms Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 83.98 13490.00
The resort-sports complex "Gorodok MLM" Temrukskiy district Resort complex 957.83 91179.00
Construction of objects of roadside service Timashevskiy district 63.61 14560.00
Creation of zone industrial development Starominskiy district Building 50.00 56816.00
Сonstruction of pharmaceutical production Krasnoarmejskiy district Manufacturing industry 2847.00 146866.00
The construction of plant for production of granulated fodder, grass flour Gulkevichskiy district Manufacturing industry 72.70 17752.00
The logistical centre Krimskiy district Consumer sphere 54.76 100000.00
Construction of an automated filling station Timashevskiy district Consumer sphere 54.99 1400.00
Construction of a fish processing complex Primorsko-Akhtarskiy district Agriculture 452.90 54620.00
Construction of a logistics center for the storage and sale of agricultural products from the parking of heavy vehicles Timashevskiy district Consumer sphere 87.29 3900.00
Stroitel'stvo pitomnika rasteniy Anapa city Agriculture 171.70 9972.00
Plant on production of an optical fiber Kanevskiy district Manufacturing industry 0.00 36000.00
The placement of camping in St. Kamyshevatskaya Yeisk district Resort complex 81.74 20000.00
Construction of the workshop on Manufacture of plastic windows and doors Viselkovskiy district Manufacturing industry 128.27 2000.00
Construction of the plant for the manufacture of metal products Kavkazskiy district Manufacturing industry 225.53 21202.00
Construction of a greenhouse complex Kurganinskiy district Agriculture 706.21 130000.00
Construction of a workshop for the production of cardboard packaging Kurganinskiy district Manufacturing industry 53.06 1000.00
Garden of intensive type Kurganinskiy district Agriculture 51.04 222335.00
Organization of woodworking production Labinskiy district Manufacturing industry 57.30 40000.00
Construction of the «Ice Palace» Anapa city Social sphere 161.80 66375.00
Construction of a shopping and entertainment complex Anapa city Consumer sphere 633.40 53624.00
Glass factory Tihoretskiy district Manufacturing industry 800.00 20000.00