Investment projects

Industry classification
Declared area (m2)
Investment capacity, mln rubles
Conditions of investor participation
Electricity supply (m)
Water-supply (m)
Gas-supplying (m)
Sewage system (m)
Name Location of the project Industry classification Investment capacity, mln rubles Declared area (m2)
Construction of a poultry farm for breeding turkeys Krylovsky district Agriculture 285.18 150000.00
The construction of the dairy farm for 250 heads and shop for milk processing Krylovsky district Agriculture 68.00 60000.00
Thermal SPA resort "Solar Glade" Apsheronskiy district Resort complex 510.00 98620.00
Tuapsinskiy district
Goraychiy Kluych city
Construction of a plant for the production of starch and gluten from wheat Krylovsky district Agriculture 0.00 95868.00
Greenhouse for growing champignons and composting Krylovsky district Agriculture 2250.00 694983.00
Construction of an enterprise for bottling drinking water Novokubanskiy district Manufacturing industry 103.50 37368.00
The construction of plant for production of granulated fodder, grass flour Gulkevichskiy district Manufacturing industry 72.70 17752.00
Construction of a greenhouse complex Kurganinskiy district Agriculture 706.21 130000.00
Construction of amusement park "RED FOX Resort" Ust-Labinskiy district Resort complex 235.12 83820.00
Tuapsinskiy district
Construction of a 5 * sanatorium complex Anapa city Resort complex 415.00 447874.00
Construction of a logistics center for the processing and storage of fruits and vegetables Krylovsky district Agriculture 116.36 100000.00
treatment-and-prophylactic center Krimskiy district Resort complex 60.13 5000.00
Building of hotel 3* in the center of city Ust-Labinskiy district Resort complex .00 2203.00
Constructione Museum of ancient history in Ust-Labinsk Ust-Labinskiy district Finance and real estate 0.00 1753.00
Construction of water intake facilities in the northern part of the city of Ust-Labinsk Ust-Labinskiy district Housing and municipal complex .00 37552.00
Ust-Labinskiy district
Construction of the MTF for 300 heads of milking flocks with a milk processing workshop in the Oktyabrsky hut and the expansion of the MTF in the Zhelezny rayon to 300 heads of a dairy herd Ust-Labinskiy district Agriculture 636.00 128606.00
The logistical centre Krimskiy district Consumer sphere 54.76 100000.00
Bookmark garden of the intensive type with the use of trellis technology, irrigation and anti-hail systems in the Krymsk area, phase 2 Krimskiy district Agriculture 600.00 1210000.00
Sports and entertainment complex for year-round family vacation Krimskiy district Resort complex 600.00 50216.00
Krimskiy district
Construction of a complex on cultivation of sturgeon breeds of fishes and production of black Dinskoy district Fishery 255.30 58400.00
Construction of a plant for freezing and drying of agricultural produce Dinskoy district Agriculture 330.60 29700.00
Construction of plants producing office furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 93.00 17930.00
Construction company for the production of exclusive furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 87.77 11310.00
Construction of the enterprise on manufacturing of upholstered furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 102.90 13000.00
Goraychiy Kluych city