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05 September 2019

Three products of ‘Fanagoria’ were awarded with gold and silver medals and with the nomination ‘Best of Show Russia’

This year the company took part in testing competition of wine for the second time. Following the results of the competition the ripe wine ‘101 shade of red Saperavi by Fanagoria 2017’ was awarded a gold medal and with the nomination ‘Best of Show Russia’.
Ripe wine ‘Kryu Learmonth Chardonnay’ also was awarded a gold medal. Ripe wine ‘101 shade of red Cabernet Sauvignon by Fanagoria 2016’ was awarded a silver medal.
According to the winemakers, the high award of Fanagoria’s Saperavi proves again that this variety of grapes is good cultivated in the region and it gives a good harvest.
Among the best are also recognized ‘Kuban vino’ and ‘Eastate Sikora’ wine.
According to the Division of Winegrowing and Wine Industry of the Krasnodar Region, the regional winemakers won 79 medals.
Today, the regional wine today is highly recognized by the world's leading wine countries, such as Germany, China, and Great Britain. That proves the high export potential of our product, - added experts.
Please be reminded, that within the framework of the national project ‘International Cooperation and Export’, winemakers of the Krasnodar Region plan to increase the supply of wine abroad by 1.5 times (to 445 thousand decalitres) by 2024. In general, today the regional wine is drunk in 14 countries of Central Asia and Europe.