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Alternative energy sources

The Krasnodar Region, due to its natural and climatic conditions, is one of the most attractive Russia’s regions for developing generation based on using of alternative energy sources.

Krasnodar Region has long-term practical experience of using solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, hydro energy, and other sources.

Primarily, the highest potential for attracting investment have the following areas:

First, electric-power engineering has great potential for development in the region, as the Krasnodar region is one of one of the few Russia’s regions, which has significant resources of solar energy. For electricity generation the photovoltaic equipment is used.

Second, solar power industry can be used to provide social purpose facilities and health-resort enterprises with modern heliosystems on the territory of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea coast, where there are more than 260-280 sunny days a year.

In addition, the construction is a leading branch, which has investment potential to provide development of electric-power engineering. System and implementation of solar heating of constructions by using built-in solar collectors with vacuum glass units are required. Facades cladding by solar collectors with vacuum glass units in the Krasnodar Region will give the opportunity to provide constructions with the solar heating all year round.

Third, wind energy development is reasonable in the coastal areas the Black and Azov Seas (Primorsko-Akhtarsk District, Kalininsky District, Slavyansky District, Krymsky District, Temryuksky District, Tuapsinsky District, the resort cities of Sochi, Anapa, and Gelendzhik), and in the area of Armavir wind corridor (area of intensive steady on power and direction wind).

In conclusion, geothermal energy is also must be mentioned. The total heat power capacity of exploited geothermal deposits in the Krasnodar Region consists 238 megawatts. Practical meaning have deposits of 60% of the region’s territory.

In the Krasnodar Region only 6-7 % of the geothermal deposits potential are used in the systems of heat supply.

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Alternative energy sources