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Agroindustrial complex

The Krasnodar Region is one of the leading Russian agricultural and food-production centers.

The agricultural land in the Krasnodar Region makes up 10% of the agricultural land in the entire Southern Federal District. The plains comprise mostly chernozem soils—with a total area of 4.8 million hectares, i.e. over 4% of Russia’s and about 2% of the world’s reserves – characterized by its dark color, friability, good structure, richness in minerals and provision of high crop yields.

Agricultural land in Krasnodar region is 1/10 of the land in the entire southern Federal district. In the plains region dominate black earth soils, the area of which is 4805 hectares (more than 4% of Russian and about 2% of world reserves), characterized by dark color, porosity, good structure, rich in nutrients and high crop yields.

The natural conditions facilitate the planting of a full range of temperate and subtropical crops. The region regularly leads Russia in the production of grains, sugar beets, sunlowers, fruits, berries and grapes.

Krasnodar region holds the 1st in Russia for the volume of gross agricultural product

Krasnodar region annually exports around 150 types of agricultural products to 135 countries of the world. In 2018, the volume of agricultural exports was $ 2,2 bln (8,5 % of all-Russian volume).

In 2013, the Unified Satellite Monitoring Centre of the Krasnodar Region was opened as part of a movement to develop precision agriculture. This is the first such center in the country. The Centre enables officials and farmers to monitor every agricultural field in the region, and collect and analyses data on fertilizers, machinery, crop rotations, and soil fertility. The Centre owes its success to the work of regional officials, who were the first in Russia to provide a full digital classification of agricultural lands.


More than 2,200 businesses, including 200 large and medium companies, operate in the food industry in the Krasnodar Region. The industry produces more than 2,500 food products, more than 40% of which conform to European quality standards. The food produced in the region include the following: oil and fat, dairy, meat, sugar, fruits and vegetables, and tinned food.

Share of products, produced in the region in all-Russian volume

vegetable Oil
16.4 percent
canned vegetables
Oil, refined
Meat products
canned Milk
the Contribution of Krasnodar region in the Russian food production in General in Russia
data chamber of Commerce and industry of Krasnodar region

the Contribution of Krasnodar region in the national production of certain agricultural products

Tea leaf
raw Rice
Sugar beet
Fruits and berries
Источник: Rosstat
Success stories

Agroholding "Kuban" is one of the largest agribusinesses in the South of Russia and is part of the largest federal diversified industrial group "Basic Element".

Success stories

In 2003, the company's management decided to build the CLAAS plant in Krasnodar

Key enterprises of the branch

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Federal Law of February 25, 1999 No. 39-FZ "On investment activities in the Russian Federation, carried out in the form of capital investments
State support of investment activity
The law of the Krasnodar Territory of March 13, 2018 N ° 1411-KZ “On the procedure for granting state guarantees of the Krasnodar Territory”
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Agroindustrial complex