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Krasnodar Region Industrial Complex

The industrial complex of Krasnodar Region has more than
7.5 thousand enterprises of various industrial specialization, which employ about 86 thousand people.

New high-tech enterprises of leading world manufacturers appear in the region. All this allowed the Krasnodar Territory to take a leading position in industrial output in the south of Russia.

Considerable investment activity of enterprises allowed the region to maintain leadership in the SFD in terms of industrial production for 3 years in a row (2014-2016), having shipped products in excess of 940 billion rubles in 2016, which is 10% more than in the industrial Rostov Region .

The growth drivers have become the manufacturing industry with a focus on food production, metallurgy, oil refining, the chemical industry and vehicle manufacturing. Here, projects significant for the economy of the Krasnodar Territory were implemented and implemented.

Priority areas for the development of the industrial complex of the Krasnodar Territory are:

- & nbsp; mechanical engineering and instrument making;

Since 2013, the complex has maintained a positive development trend. The project implementation of the expansion of the plant of agricultural machines KLAAS allowed to increase the production area by 9 times from the available 5 to 50 thousand square meters, the production capacity of the plant by 2 times to 2 thousand units of agricultural equipment per year. Within the framework of the project, a transition was made to a full production cycle, which includes metal processing, welding, painting and assembly of finished products. As a result, the degree of localization of the production of combine harvesters increased from 14% to 51%.

Leading enterprises: CLAAS LLC ( www.laas.ru ), PJSC Saturn ( www.saturn.kuban.ru ), enterprises of the defense-industrial complex of the Krasnodar Territory, OAO "VV Tikhoretsk Machine-Building Plant. & nbsp; Vorovskiy "( www.tmzv.ru )," Armavir Machine Building Plant "branch of OJSC" Novozybkov Machine Building Plant "(www.nvzm.ru ), "Afipelektrogaz" branch of OJSC "Elektrogaz", LLC "Armavir Gas Apparatus Plant" ( www.baltgaz.ru ) and others.

- & nbsp; Metallurgical and Metal Industry;

Since 2013, the complex has maintained a positive development trend. Significant changes over the past 3 years have occurred due to the growth in the volume of construction work in the Krasnodar Territory and the implementation of infrastructure projects in transport and energy. During this time, several large industrial enterprises have been launched, the products of which satisfy the demand from the building complex in high-quality metal-rolls, building metal structures, roofing and wall materials, power transmission line supports, road fences.

Leading Enterprises : Abinsky Electro-Metallurgical Plant LLC ( www.abinmetall.ru ), Novorosmetall LLC ( www.novorosmetall.ru ), JSC & nbsp; "Krasnodar Metal Construction Plant" ( www.oao-kzm.ru ).

- & nbsp; construction materials;

It is the largest in the SFD. The region produces a fairly wide range of building materials, including cement, wall materials, reinforced concrete and concrete products, dry building mixtures, gypsum products, non-metallic building materials. In recent years, more than 60 new and modernized production facilities have been commissioned in the industry with the use of modern imported technologies and equipment that manufacture products that meet European standards.

Leading enterprises : OJSC Novoroscement, OJSC Verkhnebakansky Cement Plant, LLC Atakaycement, OJSC Slavyansky Brick,
LLC "Gubsky brick factory", LLC "Glavstroy-Ust-Labinsk".

The enterprise also belongs to the leading enterprises of the industry
Knauf Gips Kuban LLC ( www.knauf.ru ), which produces plaster products for use in construction.

- & nbsp; chemical industry;

Since 2013, the complex has maintained a positive development trend. LLC Evrokhim-Belorechensk Mineral Fertilizers (LLC Evrokhim-BMU) is one of the largest Russian chemical enterprises. Located near the city of Belorechensk. It has a wide range of products, specializes in the production of mineral fertilizers (phosphate and complex).

The company produces about 60% of the total chemical production of the Krasnodar Territory - about 550 thousand tons. According to the company, about 40% of all products are sent abroad, 40% remain in the country, 20% go to neighboring countries. In 2015, in connection with the implementation of the import substitution program, the demand for mineral fertilizers increased.

- & nbsp; light industry (production of fibers and fabrics);

Leading enterprises: JSC "Alexandria" ( www.alexandria-krasnodar.com ), JSC garment factory " Slavyanskaya "( www.slavyanca.ru ),
Brice Bosphorus LLC ( www.bris-bosfor.ru ).

- & nbsp; glass industry;

Key Enterprise: Rusjam Glass LLC ( www.ruscam.ru ) The company produces glass bottles (bottles for wine, champagne, alcoholic beverages, beer, soft drinks).

- & nbsp; wood industry.

APShir MPC Apsheronsk ( www.a-pdk.com ) is the largest woodworking enterprise in Krasnodar Region. Today, the implementation of an investment project to create the production of MDF and products from them is being completed. After reaching the design capacity will be about 8 million square meters. m laminate - 10% of the total production of laminate in Russia.

investment programs