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Agroholding "Kuban"

Agroholding "Kuban" is one of the largest agribusiness in southern Russia and is part of the largest federal diversified industrial group "Basic Element"..


Agroholding "Kuban" was established in 2002 on the basis of the eponymous collective farm that has been leading the history since 1950. The land bank was 30 thousand hectares, the number of employees - 2.2 thousand people.


The main activities are crop production (wheat, barley, sunflower, soybeans, corn, sugar beets), animal husbandry (production and processing of live weight meat, half carcasses and quarters, milk), sugar production, seed production (production and processing), horse breeding, processing and grain storage.

The holding manages assets in 8 districts of the Krasnodar Territory, its headquarters is located in Ust-Labinsk.


The structure of AgroHolding "Kuban" currently includes: 10 dairy farms; 2 pig-breeding complexes for 52 thousand and 25 thousand heads; meat processing plant at 8.4 thousand tons per year; 2 elevators with a total storage capacity of over 150 thousand tons; 3 seed plants; Europe's largest multifunctional service center for the maintenance and repair of agricultural equipment to them. V. Gubar; stud "Voskhod", breeding thoroughbred English horses. The land bank is 111 thousand hectares, the number of employees is about 5 thousand people.


Agroholding "Kuban" is in the top 15 largest agricultural companies and in the top 5 most efficient land users in Russia. The company has its own scientific and technical laboratory, which is engaged in the selection of high-yielding corn hybrids, and also develops and implements technologies unique to Russia in plant growing and animal husbandry. Since 2008, AgroHolding "Kuban" is engaged in the selection of crops, and in 2014 launched a program for the reproduction of pedigree dairy herd by embryo transfer.


Realized investment projects:

1) Construction of a meat processing plant with a capacity of 8.4 thousand tons per year and a pig production complex for 52 thousand heads (2015)

2) Since 2005, 5 large greenfield projects have been implemented.

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Agroholding "Kuban" is one of the largest agribusinesses in the South of Russia and is part of the largest federal diversified industrial group "Basic Element".

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